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"Leadership is a serving relationship with others that inspires their growth and changes the world."      Lance Secretan, author



Transformational leadership is a powerful practice for achieving innovative solutions and sustainable change. Transformational leaders model influence versus power; inspiration versus motivation and inclusion versus marginalization. They lead with powerful questions versus prescribed solutions and engage with dialogue versus dogma.  Transformational leaders assume that people are inspired by working as full partners in mutual respect and collaboration.  It is about sparking passion in others - and it works!


If you are a non-profit executive seeking to transform your organization; a nurse leader hoping to improve nursing’s influence on collaborative healthcare solutions; or a community leader envisioning novel ways of cutting across isolated knowledge sets to re-shape the future, CommonGround  has the experience and resources to help. Please contact us if you would like more information. 

iStock 000010807364Smalltrees"There is no faster way to sustainable change than asking a community of people what they care about."  Margaret Wheatley, author-founder, the Berkana Institute

Accepting the importance of collaborative dialogue as a crucial means for achieving desired results, whether in a large organization, a work team or within the family unit,  requires a profound shift in mindset for many people. Transformational leaders recognize that deep conversation, attentive listening and effective action are not separate entities but part of a singular process. Increasing the pool of available perceptions, insights, visions and ideas contributes valuable knowledge and potential solutions for questions previously considered too complex or even unanswerable.

Our partners at CommonGround are experts at actively engaging people in meaningful discussions around questions that matter.  We design innovative opportunities for collaborative deliberations that result in effective strategic visioning and action planning - from initial exploration to implementation -  for individuals, small work groups, large organizations, and multi-jurisdictional community engagement efforts. Please contact us to learn more.  


"Business needs and sustainable results are linked to all the worlds we live in -  not just the workplace but also our families and communities."   Juanita Brown, founder, the World Cafe`.      

Just as balance is crucial for a healthy life so it is for healthy organizations. Successful balance is less about aligning strategies, financial projections and performance objectives and more about aligning the leader's "being" with their “doing”. Transformational leaders celebrate the cohesiveness of the entire organization, while focusing on detail;  have vision for the greater good, while keeping their finger on the financial pulse; and value the contribution of the housekeeper with the same respect as the chairman of the board. Core values and a shared vision become the web of connection for all decisions, actions and behaviors.  Conscious leaders transform themselves and their organizations by modeling and promoting cultures of authenticity.

CommonGround offers a variety of coaching techniques that have proven invaluable for achieving an alignment of effective strategic action with genuine caring about all aspects of the organization. We would like to share this journey with experienced executives and aspiring leaders interested in transforming the way they think, feel and behave in their roles, thus impacting not only business results but also family and community relationships. Please contact us if you would like more information.


iStock 000017162983Smallpetroglyph "Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp the power of story risk failure for their companies and for themselves."                 John Kotter, Harvard Business School

Individuals, families, organizations and communities all have narratives - stories that depict who they are, define how they see themselves and create a portrait of how others see them. These stories may be based in fact or fiction, but often form the basis of perceived reality for leaders, followers, customers and external stakeholders.

In business, analysis drives thinking for conventional leaders.   Often the power of narrative is overlooked; described as soft, anecdotal or childish. Transformational leaders recognize that the organization’s story imparts values, inspires high performance, fosters passion and pride and communicates branding. Shared stories can also elicit compassion and cooperation among individuals and groups. The power of narrative and story-telling cannot be underestimated as a major contributor to the positive transformation of people, organizations and communities.

To learn more about how narrative can play an integral role in connecting with people and affecting change in relationships and in organizations, please contact us.



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Our values-centered business approaches address the heart, mind and spirit of the organization and combined with traditional action planning methods promote successful strategic results.


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Leadership coaching is at the heart of this transformation.


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Through the use of story, metaphor or strategic questions, our skilled facilitators can create a web of dialogue that fosters new insights and innovations for your organization.


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We offer a variety of customized workshops, retreats and educational programs for informing and inspiring individuals, organizations and communities to communicate, learn and grow.

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