CommonGround offers a variety of coaching techniques intended to assist non-profit executives, their governing boards and most importantly emerging leaders to achieve effective leadership skills, program success and efficient financial stewardship.


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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"


John Quincy Adams


Leaders, before they can be inspirational to others, need to discover what conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviors are at work in themselves. Everyone, including the most effective leaders, experience doubt, anxiety, fear and cynicism from their “Inner Critics”. While these doubts and fears manifest differently, because each of us has perfected unique coping strategies, the fact remains that our effectiveness as a leader is compromised. Once, through coaching, a leader becomes aware of these limiting beliefs the doorway is opened. It isn't enough to merely change the way we think or the way we behave -  it is imperative to gain an understanding and control of the patterns that govern our minds; our worldview;  our beliefs about what we deserve and what's possible -  and learn to lead from our "being".  That is the zone of fundamental transformation.   It is the core of CommonGround's coaching philosophy.

Our experienced coaching team can provide a dynamic and life-changing experience -whether you are a senior executive, middle manager, governing board or individual looking to further develop your effectiveness. 

With our approach you can become a leader who:

    • Inspires your followers to new levels of achievement
    • Proactively nurtures a workspace that supports the needs and values of the organization and of the individuals in your organization 
    • Creates learning opportunities and encourages creative solutions to problems 
    • Uses strong visioning and communication skills to align the energies of the organization and work for goals that go beyond self-interest
    • Is values-driven with the ability to align those values with the external goals of the organization
    • Is courageous and willing to take risks in order to do what is right
    • Is better able to deal with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

If you would like to learn more about how coaching can help your organization, please contact us .