"A meeting without surprises is a meeting in which nothing particularly important occurs.  Without surprises we learn very little because everything that occurs is exactly what we expected."

  Larry Dressler

Our partners at CommonGround excel at the art of facilitation.   Excellent facilitating is more than honing skills at bringing people together and guiding their discussions   It is about the process itself -  the ways people learn to communicate, share and relate to each other in an honest and open style.   It is about being comfortable with diversity, conflict and emotions -  all without judgement or fear.  We do not come with preconceived ideas of what should and shouldn't be. We consider ourselves process artists and guides.   

We believe passionately that solutions to complex problems and answers to difficult questions arise out of collaboration, conversation and the collective wisdom of those assembled.   By facilitating meaningful dialogue, we do our best to hold space for creative solutions to emerge.  We welcome the unexpected to all our events, believing those very surprises can be the source of great things. 

Our approach of using cafe-style conversations in various formats has proven effective for groups of ten to four-hundred and ten.   We assist individuals to contribute the best they have to offer.  We design processes that allow for all voices to be heard, including the most introverted among us.  We set the stage for contributors to address difficult group and organizational issues with courage, flexibility, respect and action. 

CommonGround has worked successfully providing facilitation services for the healthcare industry, local and state government, community organizers, global non-profit organizations and professional associations, among others.  We will be happy to share our list of clients at your request. We love what we do and would be honored to share in your journey as well.

Please contact us to discuss how we might assist you with your facilitation needs.