Our Approach


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"He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses the place it leads to. 

It is the means that determine the ends."   


Harry Emerson Fosdick




CommonGround is a global provider of consulting and coaching services and experiential learning opportunities. Our partners are entrepreneurs, business owners and former C-suite corporate and non-profit executives. We are dedicated to assisting non-profit leaders, governing boards, healthcare groups, professional associations, community engagement strategists and aspiring leaders to successfully lead with courage, innovation and excellence in an ever-changing non-profit environment.

What makes the CommonGround approach different?

We emphasize the importance of core values as the basis for all decisions, behavior, actions and policies.

We recognize the power of a strong vision that every person in an organization can relate and contribute to with passion.

We concentrate first on covert elements of organizational culture that impact organizational trust and effectiveness over content issues.

We establish meaningful conversations around questions that matter as the foundation for thoughtful, collaborative action-planning.

We structure organizational capacity building based on a nonprofit life-cycle assessment.

We develop processes that accentuate the value of strategic thinking versus planning for accountability and outcome sustainability.

We emphasize emotional intelligence, personal transformation and relationship-building as crucial processes for learning, leading and adapting to change.

We offer innovative platforms for revealing and sharing powerful stories that translate into inspired individuals and excellent business practices.

We assist in identifying data-driven business strategies that impact the triple bottom line -  what's best for people, profit and the planet.